This portfolio responsibility focuses on socio-economic development through proper regional development planning and co-ordination, empowerment and mobilisation of people at local level. The programme was established in order to bring about sound, comprehensive, balanced and integrated regional development and coordination.


Programme Objectives

  • To determine the social and economic development status for each region
  • To determine the nature and levels of social and economic development imbalances/gaps between and within regions
  • To determine the benefit incidence of public expenditure between and within regions
  • To recommend and develop specific evidence-based corrective and strategic interventions to address regional development imbalances as will have been identified
  • To establish sustainability mechanisms to the Regional Development and Co-ordination Programme
  • To develop monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for this programme


Programme Implementation

This programme is the responsibility of the Regional Development Team (RDT) which is led by the Regional Secretary as the chairperson. The RDT is comprised of Departmental Heads in the different developmental discipline. The programme further aims at enhancing resource targeting so that they are responsive to the needs of the people, particularly the poor and the marginalised.


Expected Outputs

  • Clearly articulated multi-sectoral interventions that address the identified development gaps
  • Reduced socio-economic development disparities among citizens and regions of the land
  • Improved resource targeting based on evidence on the specific development needs for each region
  • Comprehensive regional development plans, budgets and financial arrangements for regional development initiatives
  • Elimination of duplication of efforts and waste of resources
  • Evidence-based, integrated, participatory and responsive regional development







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