•Take the overall lead in the maintenance of a coherent and contemporary forest policy and legal framework, with due consideration to the cross-sectoral nature of forestry.

•Maintain a comprehensive national forest inventory, with an adequate planning capability and technical forest management capacity.

•Extend government forest policies and disseminate technical knowledge on forest management, markets and organisational aspects to communities, individuals, companies and other institutions for the economic, social and environmental benefit of Swaziland.

 • To provide an oversight role, direction and guidance to the forest development and management sector
 • To provide extension services to farmers
 • To promote tree growing and sustainable use of forest and natural resources,
 • To promote sustainable use, management and development of forest resources including
    development of forest industry
 • To improve forest productivity and ensure sustainable supply of multiple forest products and services,
 • To conserve bio-diversity of forest resources and encourage for its sustainable use including protection of plant
    genetic resources and environment; and
 • To enhance national capacity to manage and develop the forest sector.
Sections of department
 • Forestry Extension Service
 • Trees Seed Centre and Nurseries
 • Herbarium and National Botanic Garden
 • Control of Invasive Alien Plant Species
 • Wattle Management
 • Mensuration and Forest Inventory
Head of Department / Contact
 Senior Forestry Officer
 Mr Mbekenini  Nxumalo
 P. O. Box 2652
 Mbabane Swaziland,
Phone : +268 2404 9240
 Fax : +268 24049481 / +268 2404 6438
 E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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