This department is responsible for the Ministry's strategic direction and common services of administration, Planning, Finance and Public Relations. The administration office ensures staff recruitments and deployment through the Human Resource Office.

Principal Secretary's Office

The Principal secretary is the administrative head and controlling officer of the Ministry. This office provides strategic direction and further interprets policies to guide the Ministry's direction. Additionally, the Principal Secretary ensures that the resources of the Ministry are used in a manner that is in accordance with the provisions of Public Finance Management law by examining and developing service delivery mechanisms that will improve the provision by the Ministry or Department of cost effective public services. Over and above the office is tasked with the role of advising the Honourable Minister on all operational matters of the Ministry.

The Undersecretary's Office

The Undersecretary is in charge of the administration and management of the Ministry's Human Resources as well as to deputize for the Principal Secreatary's Office.


  • Ensures staff recruitment, placements and deployment
  • Co-ordinate the preparation of the Ministry’s budget, in consultation with the Ministry’s Heads of Department and central agencies.
  • Provide effective support to the Minister, during budget debates and Parliamentary Portfolio Committee meetings.
  • Facilitate execution of the budget allocated to the various departments for all services including procurement, bills (utilities) and to some extent revenue collection.
  • Responsible for media and public relations.
  • Provides policy, programming and project advice to the Principal Secretary and the Ministry’s technical staff.
  • Coordinate and develop Quarterly, Annual and other performance reports.
  • The office serves as a link with the central agencies particularly the Ministry of Economic Planning pertaining to the implementation of capital projects.
  • Implement measures to enhance the external image and influence of the Ministry to make it better empowered to drive Government policies
  • Human Resource Management, training and development
  • Safe keeping of personal and general records and files
  • Monitoring and tracking systems for all outgoing and incoming mail
  • Supervision of support staff
  • Fulfill transport needs of the Ministry
  • Attend to the Maintenance of all vehicles
  • Facilitate procurement and process payments.
  • Processing of salaries and allowances due to staff

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