Currency: Emalangeni (E) for plural, Lilangeni singular, on par with the South African rand

Major towns: 1.Capital City t; Mbabane

Largest City ; Manzini

Population (2017): 1 093 236

Geographical size & Location: 17 360 sq km, 

Official Languages: SiSwati & English

System of Government: Tinkhundla

GDP growth rate: 1.9%

GDP per capita: US $ 3639

Inflation rate (2011 estimates): 4.8%

Human Development Index: 0.498

Literacy rate: 89.1 %

Life expectancy: Males – 58;85 years  Females – 63;52 years

Major Religion(s): Majority Christian, plus indigenous beliefs and small representations of other

major world faiths

Climate: Swaziland’s predominant summer rainfall season between October and March is

characterized by occasional heavy downpours. The eastern side has a tropical sub humid with

approx 60cm mean average rainfall. Midsummer (January) temperatures are known to reach 42

Degrees Celsius.

Average Temperatures

Midsummer: Mbabane (25 degrees c) Manzini (30 degrees c)

Autumn: Mbabane (20 degrees c) Manzini (25 degrees c)

Midwinter: Mbabane (15 degrees c) Manzini (20 degrees c)

Spring: Mbabane (22 degrees c) Manzini (25 degrees c)

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