Responsible for enhancing improved household economics and livelihoods through promotion of improved nutrition, home management, child care and development, consumer education and income generating activities.


Our vision is the provision of quality service that meets the needs of the population at any given time.


The mission statement of the section is “to ensure improvement and enhance the quality of life for the Swazi population.” The quality of life denotes people’s welfare and nutritional status. The mission is carried out to primarily through working with women, men and the youth to achieve gender balanced activities. The Home Economics section uses several strategies for its mission achievement. These include workshops, seminars, meetings, campaigns, field days, home visits etc. Collaboration with other stake holder maximizes the section’s output. The section uses the radio to disseminate information through the programme ‘KUDLIWANI’. Recipes and leaflets are distributed to the general public. The Home Economics section seeks to motivate people through a variety of extension methods that emphasize the value of “SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOODS".

The section offers the following services:


Postal Address:
P. O. Box 162
Telephone Number:(268) 2404 2731  Cell: (+268) 76059171
FAX Number:(268) 2404 4700 


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