The mandate of the fishery section is to ensure sustainable fisheries management and aquaculture development in order to secure national food and nutrition security at both household and national levels.



The department of Fisheries enables Swaziland to achieve food and nutrition security through sustainable fish production and exploitation, to improve the nutritional status, enhance poverty alleviation, promote eco-tourism and contribute to the fight against HIV/AIDS pandemic


  • To attract and retain highly skilled professionals in the fisheries science cadre
  • To provide a staffing structure that will ensure effective and efficient performance of the Fisheries Science cadre. Issues of merit, equity and qualifications on opportunities for progression and advancement will be acknowledged.
  • All professional and technical vacant posts will be filled by direct entry and promotion with appropriate qualifications. In the event of non – availability of suitably qualified candidate the post will be advertised.
  • To promote an efficient, effective and sustainable fish farming industry.
  • To ensure the protection of the fisheries resources
  • To develop and conduct fisheries research programmes on aquaculture and fisheries management (e.g. fish surveys, exploitation in the country’s water bodies, screening of potential aquaculture species, water ecology and fish biology)
  • Promotion of ecotourism

Services Provided

Fisheries management ensures sustainable exploitation of all water bodies in the country. It ensures the conservation of all aquatic resources in the country. It also ensures the inventory of all the aquatic resources and ensures they are not endangered through:

  • Aquaculture ensures the production of quality seed to be distributed to fish farmers
  • Ensures disseminiation of current fish farming technology to fish farmers
  • Ensuring proper training of front line extension workers in fish production methods

 This is done to enable Swaziland achieve food security through sustainable fish production and exploitation; to improve the nutritional status, enhance poverty alleviation, promote eco-tourism and contribute to the fight against HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Who can apply for the services

  • Individual farmers on Swazi Nation land
  • Individual farmers on Title Deed Land
  • Farmers associations

How to apply for the service

  • Contact your nearest Extension officer
  • Come to the fisheries office in person (pcontact details given)

When do I apply for the services

  • Anytime of the year as the need arises 


Postal Address:

P. O. Box 162

Telephone Number: (268) 2404 2731
FAX Number: (268) 2404 4700



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