Service Description

In all organizations, there should be someone concerned with the welfare and the performance of persons who are part of the operations. The Personnel department is a function of the Ministry responsible for the management and motivation of people in the workplace in order for them to be productive. This department functions in hiring, using and maintaining a satisfied workforce for the Ministry of Agriculture. This section is typically concerned with:

• The recruitment and selection of new employees – the section facilitates this process after the Ministry has recommended the recruitment to the Civil Service Commission (CSC) and the latter has approved it.
• The induction of new employees on the job.
• Processes confirmations, transfers and dismissals of employees.
• Welfare of employees – loan guarantees, injury from duty, resignations, leave, staff allowances, retirees packages,
Who can apply

• Civil servants

How to obtain the service

• The applicant must present themselves in the personnel office.

Where and How to apply for the service?

• The applicant must present himself or herself in the office of the personnel department

When to apply for the service?

• Any time of the year as a need for the service arises.

How much does it cost to obtain the service?

• The service is free

More information

Please contact:
Postal Address
The Department of Personnel
Ministry of Agriculture
P.O. Box 162

Tel.: (268) 24042731 Ext 2211

Fax: (268) 25274070


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