The Swaziland National Council of Arts and Culture, is an administrative organization, under the Ministry of Sports Culture and Youth Affairs, with delegated powers, to Preserve, Promote and Co-Ordinate all matters of Arts and Culture, in the Kingdom, of Swaziland, supervised by the Directorate Office under the Ministry.

Location and professional Services

•    The Swaziland National Council of Arts and Culture offices are housed under the Mall, office suite s211-213 second floor, Nkoseluhlaza street.
•    Council Bankers are the Standard Bank Chartered, Stanlib and African Alliance.
•    Council Accountants- Financial Investments and Professional Services( FIPS)
•    Council Auditors are Price Water House Coopers
•    Insurance Brokers are Imphilo Yami Insurance Brokers
•    Legal Advisors- Mdladla & Associates Attorneys

The Council has as members, the different art codes under its umbrella, specializing in the different art codes, namely:

•    The Performing Arts( Music, Theatre, Dance& Beauty Pageants)
•    Visual Arts      ( Fine Arts, Craft, film & Television)
•    Literary Arts ( Book Writing and Publication)

Council’s Management

The Council currently has a six member staff, with 4 departments: Namely
Administration, Development, Accounts and Marketing.

The Council’s Controlling Officer is the Chief Executive Officer, aided by the support staff and the Executive Board’s sub-committees, namely: Personnel, Development and Finance committees.  The Chief Executive Officer reports to the Executive Board, who in-turn reports to the Ministry of Sports Culture and Youth Affairs through the Office of the Director of Culture.

The current Members of the Council are:

1.    The Association of Swaziland Theatre Groups ( ASTG)
2.    Association of Christian Artists of Swaziland ( ACASWA)
3.    Swaziland Arts and Music Association ( SWAMA)
4.    Independent Producers Association( IPAS)
5.    Imigidvo Yesintfu KaNgwane
6.    Swaziland National Umbholoho Association (SNUA)
7.    Swaziland Traditional Instruments Players Music Association ( STIMA)
8.    Swaziland Schools Culture Association (SSCA)
9.    Swaziland Beauty Pageant Association ( SBPA)
10.    Swaziland Visual Arts Network ( VANS)
11.    Umdlandla Writers and Authors Association)
12.    Beading Association
13.    Pottery Association
14.    Craft Association
15.    Sculptures
16.    Painters
17.    Designers
18.    Weavers

How to become a member

•    SNCAC endorses its recognition of a national arts and culture association if on applying submits all the required information namely
•    Proof of registration
•    Copy of constitution
•    Minutes of inaugural meetings
•    Proof of existence of an office
•    List of the Association’s membership

Affiliates submit their proposals for funding to the Council quarterly, in March, June, September & December annually.


•    In 1999 the Council received its first subvention from Government
•    The Ministry of Sports, Culture and Youth Affairs is currently, the sole benefactor
•    Before the Government financial year begins, SNCAC submits its annual budget
•    It is then put into the long list of annual commitments, deliberated upon and subsequently approved in Parliament.

Director of Arts & Culture
Phinda W. Nkosi
P. O. Box 4843
Direct line: 2404 5214
Fax line: 2404 1333
Cell number: 7602 4414

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