Director: Mr Andreas Dlamini


The Directorate of Communications is mandated to act as a lead advisor to both the Principal Secretary and Minister on communications policies in the areas of Broadcasting, Internet, Postal Services and Telecommunications, as well as providing them with advice and guidance on the need for national communications policies designed to support the economic and social wellbeing of the country. The scope of work includes the drafting of policies and regulations for the sector. The mandate includes advising on issues relating to ICT as utilised in the Communications Sector.

The department is further mandated to provide the advice and guidance stated above in the context of global, regional and national developments in all aspects of communications including sector structure, technological developments, new service-offerings, products and their delivery.

Activities the department is undertaking:

The department is currently working on the following areas in the medium term.

  • The enactment of policies and regulatory frameworks for the communications sector in the areas of Broadcasting, Internet, Postal, Electronic Commerce and Electronic Communications
  • Implementation of  the Digital Migration Project 
  • Implementation of Digital Migration in the area of terrestrial television
  • Ongoing implementation of the National Information and Communications Infrastructure (NICI) Policy
  • Undertaking activities to improve the Internet environment in the country

Postal Address: 

P. O. Box 642

Physical Address
Inter-ministerial Building
Block 8 Level -3
Mhlambanyatsi Road

Telephone Number:(+268) 2405 4025/ 4044

Fax Number: (+268) 2404 1898

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